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Scribe/scrip gapfill Bookmark and Share

Special focus - information and contents

In this worksheet, we examine the root scribe/scrip, which means write in Latin. Put each of the following words into the correct sentences in the correct form. Then check your answers.

ascribe, conscript, describe, inscription, prescribe, proscribe, scribble, scripture, subscribe, transcription

1. Can you (1) the people who attacked you? What did they look like?

2. It was difficult to read the message that the old man had (2) on the piece of paper.

3. The (3) on the tomb said "In loving memory of our dear father".

4. The doctor (4) antidepressants for Mollie to try and improve her mental condition.

5. No one is sure who said these famous words, but they are (5) to Julius Caesar.

6. The opposition party was becoming so powerful that the government became extremely worried and (6) it, putting its leaders in jail.

7. When the war broke out, many young men were (7) into the army, many against their wishes.

8. Many religious people believe that the Bible and other (8) are the absolute truth revealed by God.

9. After recording the speech, Natalie typed up a (9) on her computer and printed it out.

10. If you want to (10) to "Student Weekly" magazine for a year, send £30 to us today.