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Pone/pos gapfill Bookmark and Share

Special focus - information and contents

In this worksheet, we examine the root pone/pos, which means put in Latin. Put each of the following words into the correct sentences in the correct form. Then check your answers.

compose, depose, disposal, exposure, impose, opposition, postpone, proposal, repose, suppose

1. The weather was so bad that the football pitch was completely covered in water. The referee had no choice but to (1) the game.

2. Three climbers who went missing on Mont Blanc yesterday were found this morning by a search party. They were taken to hospital suffering from (2) .

3. The government said that it would continue with its privatisation plans despite the huge (3) to them all over the country.

4. The actor, Tim Crust, was today found guilty of speeding. The court (4) on him a fine of £150 and banned him for six months.

5. There will be a meeting at 10.00 next Monday to discuss the three (5) for spending the money that we have received from the lottery fund.

6. As the plane flew through the storm the captain remained totally calm and (6) and managed to land the plane safely.

7. The king's son was eager to claim the throne, so he rebelled against his father and eventually (7) him.

8. I don't (8) that we will win, but at least we can play to the best of our ability.

9. There is so much household waste these days that we need to find new methods for its (9) , such as recycling or incineration.

10. Our hotel is equipped with the latest exercise and relaxation facilities, so that you can be certain of maximum (10) .