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Special focus - information and contents

In this worksheet, we examine the root fer, which means brng, carry or bear in Latin. Put each of the following words into the correct sentences in the correct form. Then check your answers.

conference, defer, inference, interfere, offer, preference, proffer, reference, suffer, transfer

1. When you fill in your application form for university, you have to choose five and then list them in the order of (1) .

2. Next week the university is hosting the annual teacher's (2) and there will be teachers from all over the world attending the events.

3. All right! I'll give you £1000 for the car, but that's my final (3) .

4. The real problem with our marriage is that your family keeps (4) in our lives. Why can't they just leave us alone?

5. There's no need to (5) from headaches any more thanks to our wonderful new product, Achegone. Available now in all chemists.

6. Peter Jackson was found guilty of murder, but sentencing was (6) for one month for psychiatric assessments to be made.

7. The soldiers were (7) to the border because the situation was becoming worse day by day.

8. In his speech about his plans for his next term of office, the president made a number of (8) to the weakness of his opponents.

9. As I walked up to the man at the door he (9) his hand as a sign of friendship.

10. The problem I had was that people made (10) about things which I never ever mentioned in my talk. They couldn't simply accept that what I said was true.