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Cap/ceiv/cept gapfill Bookmark and Share

Special focus - information and contents

In this worksheet, we examine the root cap/ceive/cept, which means take or catch in Latin. Put each of the following words into the correct sentences in the correct form. Then check your answers.

accept, capture, concept, deceive, exception, inception, intercept, perception, precept, receive

1. The new national sports body had serious problems from its (1) . It would never have succeeded.

2. Although John said that he was happy to work with me, I always had the (2) that he didn't really want me there with him.

3. All right! I'll make an (3) this time. But if you're late again one more time you'll be in serious trouble.

4. When Patrick got home and opened the bag, there was no money in it. Shock and then anger hit him when he realised that he had been (4) .

5. When the manager called to tell Maria that she had been offered the job, she(5) immediately.

6. The theory of relativity is a difficult (6) for most people to understand, but with some careful thought you can understand it.

7. Five convicts escaped from Parkgate prison last night. Three have been (7) but the other two are still free.

8. One of the most important (8) of democracy is the right of people to vote in free and fair elections.

9. The family (9) us in their home very warmly, and we enjoyed our stay with them immensely.

10. If the defender hadn't (10) that pass, the attacker would have got the ball and scored a goal easily.