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In these sentences you have to choose one of the future tenses given to express the future correctly. Then click the check button to see if you are right.

1. Hi! I'm just calling to find out what ____ on Tuesday evening, because I've got two tickets for the big football game.
you'll do
you're going to do
you're doing

2. ____ the washing up for me tonight? After all, I've done it every day this week.
Will you do
Are you going to do
Are you doing

3. Call me again at six o'clock. I think ____ fixing your car by then.
I'm finishing
I'll have finished
I'll finish

4. Just think! This time next week ____ on a beautiful beach in the Caribbean sun. I can't wait.
we'll be lying
we'll lie
we're going to lie

5. According to the timetable the next train ____ at 11.30. That gives us half an hour, so let's have a coffee.
is about to leave
will have left

6. Those dark clouds are coming this way. Pack everything away in the car. ____.
It'll rain
It's raining
It's going to rain

7. Don't disturb me this afternoon because ____ some important contracts with our partners.
I'll be discussing
I discuss
I'll discuss

8. I doubt if there's any point in asking Dad if we can use the car. He ____ us the keys after we took them last time without telling him.
isn't giving
doesn't give
won't give

9. I know that ____ married some day, but I just haven't met the right person yet.
I'm getting
I'll get
I get

10. We have to deal with this problem before it ____ too difficult to sort out.
will become
is going to

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